Customer Experience Insights (CXI) helps you increase engagement, conversions, and revenue by analyzing and optimizing your digital experience in production. CXI works by monitoring everything about your digital experience from user behavior and conversions to performance and functionality, understands how the technical behaviors drive business outcomes, identifies bottlenecks, and recommends optimizations to improve your conversions.


Key Benefits of Customer Experience Insights (CXI)

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Comprehensive User and Server Monitoring

Monitor everything about your digital experience with reliable real-user and synthetic monitoring



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Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent analytics helps you to quickly understand technical issues impacting your digital experience, which user segments these are impacting, and why they happened

Business Impact

Understand how technical behaviors drive business outcomes and where to focus your development and infrastructure investment


Automatically analyze performance to identify bottlenecks and optimizations

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With Eggplant’s help, we’re uncovering and fixing the things that are slowing down our website. And having a faster website is already making a positive impact on our business, with better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. I can highly recommend Eggplant’s products and expertise.
— Jemima Ferguson, Head of Customer Marketing and Ecommerce, COOK

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