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Companies worldwide have deployed enterprise application software products — like ERP, CRM, and SCM — to improve efficiency and empower their employees to do their jobs better. In fact, by 2020, the ERP software market is projected to be worth US$49.5 billion.

With digital business now a full-blown reality, enterprise IT companies in all sectors are disrupting their business models and undergoing digital transformations to stay relevant. They’re turning to agile development approaches and DevOps to spark innovation and rapidly deliver new, cutting-edge products and solutions that meet evolving customer desires.

The companies seeing success are the ones designing solutions and testing with the user in mind. They’re also evolving their software testing strategies away from time-consuming, manual testing and embracing test automation for a number of reasons. To boost productivity and predictability, control costs, and effectively scale testing. To prepare for the evolution of the internet of things (IoT), and incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for continuous improvement. And to create engaging, user-friendly enterprise apps that fuel high user adoption rates and increasing revenue.

As new technologies (cloud, touch, mobile, big data, and social) pop up in the enterprise space at a relentless pace, it’s more important than ever to get enterprise app software testing right. You need to test every type of technology, including within systems, as well as the full UX and journey across all devices, platforms, and operating systems. You need to test quickly and easily during your agile sprints. And you’ve got to make it all happen with the same budget and resources.

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User experience challenges

People like to use technology in their personal lives that helps them be more productive, collaborate, and connect — and they want the same things from the solutions they use at work. They also expect you to deliver intuitive new products, features, and updates faster than ever, and have little patience for poor performance or reliability. Can your teams test quickly and effectively enough to pace with agile and DevOps to meet user demands?


Resource challenges

Developers and testers with product and domain expertise are invaluable. So are business analysts and designers who are intimately familiar with creating compelling user experiences. How will you empower your teams — especially those with varying skill levels — to test productively and efficiently?


Technology fragmentation

Your apps have to please a variety of users who create significant data dependencies when it comes to highly concurrent applications. With the growth in device configurations, OS versions, and platforms, developers and testers have their hands full. What’s your strategy to quickly and effectively test the exponential number of technology variations and still meet release deadlines?

Solve Your Toughest Enterprise Testing Challenges With Eggplant Solutions

Our Digital Automation Intelligence Suite enables true, end-to-end test automation to help you test enterprise software better, faster, more reliably, and more effectively. So you can boost productivity, scale test automation, and design user-centric enterprise solutions.


Future-proof your testing

Test any technology using technology-independent UI automation testing that’s ideal to test your constantly changing websites, the UX, and support for multiple and concurrent users.


Incorporate scriptless testing

Play to the strengths of your teams with scriptless test creation and record and playback features that offer a different automation approach, while preserving your manual workflow.


Test from the user perspective

Run one script across all platforms, and test the full UX within your enterprise apps using advanced image search, and image and text recognition.


Keep pace with DevOps

Use highly productive, robust, low-maintenance scripting that’s four to seven times faster than other automation tools.

It’s really powerful when QA is the voice of the customer, and the more you test from that perspective, the more you’re likely to find quality issues, and deliver a better quality product.
— Melissa Dixon, QA Automation Engineer at Conga.
Eggplant proved to be smart and flexible enough to cope with any versions of any operating system we needed to test with.
— Mark Frazer, Senior quality analyst, research and development
Eggplant software continues to impress us. It gives a clear view of how the performance of Cisco Active Advisor improves with each release.
— Michael Whitley, Senior engineering manager, Cisco Active Advisor
Enterprise Apps - Eggplant Customer Cisco

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.