To provide the best possible patient care, hospitals need to ensure that the electronic medical records (EMR) work properly after every change. While the EMR itself is a critical link in overall patient management, ensuring seamless connectivity across numerous other hospital systems (ERP software, PACS technology, blood bank software) is also important. This means end-to-end testing of software releases, updates, functionality, and performance — not just testing that the code works in one system or another


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Hospital system testing

Doctors, nurses, and administrators continuously share feedback about process changes and system improvements. Your test teams are under pressure to understand those changes and provide frequent release updates. How quickly and reliably can you test dynamic patient records and highly graphic images, while rolling out enhancements to update systems that are paramount to patient care? 


Medical device testing

It’s tough to test end-to-end use cases that touch multiple, integrated systems. Teams often run into hiccups with cross-platform testing when trying to automate end-to-end scenarios (EMR systems on Windows, medical devices running on QNX, mobile devices on iOS). If you’re not doing this type of testing, or not doing it well, how can you ensure you’ll deliver new capabilities or updates on time?


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Eggplant is a suite of tools that makes sure Epic works as expected. It does this by connecting automated testing with robust analytics and insights to deliver a holistic experience. It ensures that data is flowing from one system to another without error. Discover more by reading brochure.

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When manually populating the various test environments with test patients, it could take up to 10 minutes to create a single new patient registration. With Eggplant, the same task is completed in 1.5 minutes.
— Dorothy Kenwell, Senior QA engineer, MCIT

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