At Eggplant, we partner with leading technology companies and service firms that share our vision of creating amazing digital experiences.

As a partner, you will gain access to the latest products, tools, training, and support that will help you deliver proven, intelligent test automation and monitoring solutions for your customers. 



Eggplant reseller partners value owning the customer experience from end to end, and have access to support, services, and technical training to deliver our Digital Automation Intelligence solutions.


Service providers

Eggplant service provider partners work with their customers using proven best practices and our leading Digital Automation Intelligence Suite to deliver best-in-class test automation solutions.


System integrators

Eggplant partners with leading global system integrators to deliver comprehensive, world-class test automation solutions that drive successful business outcomes.


Become an Eggplant Approved Service Provider

An Eggplant Approved Service Provider means that you have been evaluated by Eggplant to offer the best in class services. This mark of distinction tells your customers that your company is recognized by Eggplant as being one of the superior Eggplant Partners in our Ecosystem.

To qualify, you must:

  • Your company must meet a minimum certification threshold

  • You have to influence a minimum amount of Eggplant License Revenue

  • In return you receive

    • Better referral and resell discounts

    • Free marketing support

    • Free training

    • Free access to our device lab

    • Top billing on our website

Contact for more information.