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6 reasons why retailers use eggplant  


Omnichannel testing

In retail, UX is everything — it can make or break customer retention and business success. Providing an amazing and seamless omnichannel experience requires continuously testing user journeys across all touch points, browsers, devices, and systems. 


Digital transformation

Successful companies are winning and keeping customers by building an effective supply chain strategy to handle the rise of new retail technology around integrated POS, payment devices, RFID tags, warehouse systems, and augmented reality.


Test like a user

Test the true user experience, not just happy paths. Detect any UI errors with advanced image search, and image and text recognition. Fix bugs quickly and predict the image of a release on your business using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Increasing revenue and conversions

Predict changes in conversions, bounce rate and revenue for your entire population or individual segments. By identifying which technical behaviors are impacting conversions, and proposing optimizations, you can increase conversions and your bottom line.


POS testing

While your customer or potential customer might initially interact with e-commerce platforms or social media, point of sale (POS) is critically and directly tied to your customer’s experience — and your revenue. Your POS system integrates with a number of other systems including payment processing, rewards programs, mobile ordering, and order fulfillment, making it an increasingly complex environment to test.

Test across the retail enterprise

Test across the full range of systems in a retail enterprise, including POS, eCommerce, logistics and order fulfilment, merchandising and ERP platforms.

Since we’ve been using Eggplant Functional and have all of our tests running across all of our devices, it’s just saving us so much time.
— Scott Jenkins, Lead QA Engineer at PrettyLittleThing

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.