Eggplant’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering brings the ability to drive the automation of existing or emerging technology in a number of industry sectors. Aimed at the core business rather than technical experts, Eggplant provides both attended and unattended RPA (with and without human intervention) for multiple systems and processes.

Eggplant is already using RPA in a variety of industry sectors, from database migration and audit trails for federal organizations to security patches for hospital servers. Eggplant has also used RPA to convert and migrate over 500,000 files for a document management platform, speeding up processes and reducing mundane, repetitive tasks for employees.


8 Reasons Why Eggplant For RPA

testing any system.png

Universal fusion engine that can test any system from mobile to mainframe.


Automated and manual process discovery as well as being able to mix both approaches.


End-to-end automation able to interact with multiple systems to complete a task.


Unattended and attended deployment modes.


Data-driven automation able to link data-sources and execute a task for each record.


Easily deployable runtime which can be hosted on Win, Linux, OSX.


Designed for process experts not technical experts or developers.


Accelerators for common packaged apps (e.g. SAP and Oracle).


Use Cases

Universal Fusion Engine at Walmart

Eggplant helped Walmart automate tasks that include an external payment device via our Universal Fusion Engine which can automate any technology and any device.

Alexa and Mobile End-To-End Integration

If a human can do it, there's a good chance Eggplant can automate it. Eggplant RPA can deal with different kinds of input, including audio, and switch between different systems with ease.


Any platform. Any browser. Any software.