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By 2019, global revenue from telecom services is expected to reach 1.2 billion Euros. Keeping up with the rapid growth of new technologies, devices, operating systems, and competitors greatly affects QA processes — and whether or not you meet release deadlines to keep users coming back. Mobile and fixed telecom providers as well as news and media companies must continue innovating to maintain and grow market share in the face of a stream of disruptive, new entrants.

Given the unique richness of media content, the relentless pace at which new technologies are introduced, and the lightning speed with which you have to move, your test teams have a lot on their plates. Like meeting sudden performance and scalability demands associated with a hot, new app or media release. Handling graphics-focused test cases and sites with constantly changing content. Working with a mix of custom and mainstream technologies. All this while ensuring core systems are responsive and robust under heavy loads. And, of course, you have to test presentation across all types of devices and platforms — mobile to desktop, Android to Windows, Chrome to Internet Explorer. At the same time, there’s software testing for other key aspects in telecom — set-top boxes and back-office systems.

It’s a tough gig.


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We know what you're up against.


Speed, performance, and constant change

Push out innovative content faster than ever. Ensure a reliable, consistent experience across devices and browsers. Keep up with dynamically changing website content. Compete with new entrants. How effectively can you test quality, responsiveness, reliability, performance, security, and consistency to deliver an amazing user experience?


Security pressures

Despite efforts by Android, Microsoft, and Apple to improve encryption capabilities, mobile devices, laptops, and desktops are still vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, especially through social media and text messages. What’s your software testing strategy to ensure secure network security and services as new IoT devices and technologies emerge?


Network update challenges

5G promises faster speeds, efficiency, and less latency. And having an active plan to make it a reality is key to accommodating the future of connected things. Can your software testing methods quickly evolve to adapt with the next generations of IoT, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality?

Address Your Digital Telecom and Media Testing Challenges With Eggplant Solutions

The Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite enables end-to-end test automation to help you innovate to delight customers, comply with regulations, and provide reliable, stable performance of your systems and apps.


Future-proof your testing

Test any technology using technology-independent UI automation testing that’s ideal to test your constantly changing websites, the UX, and support for multiple and concurrent users.


Incorporate scriptless testing

Play to the strengths of your teams with scriptless test creation and record and playback features that offer a different automation approach, while preserving your manual workflow.


Test the true user experience

Test dynamic, responsive UIs with advanced image search, and image and text recognition. Emulate real network conditions to ensure your UX, website, apps, and services perform as expected.


Keep pace with DevOps

Use highly productive, robust, low-maintenance scripting that’s four to seven times faster than other automation tools.

Eggplant provides the best overall mix of capabilities from an end-to-end test perspective.
— Andrew Hodgson, Head of BT Consumer E2E Test
By using Eggplant, we were able to automate testing for the operations that we hadn’t been able to before. ... It had the ability to do things that none of the other tools we looked at could manage.
— Telecom giant

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.